The Best Camera Phones For Photography 2021

Globally, the sale of digital cameras has decreased by 87% since 2010, mainly due to the competition and quality levels offered by today’s smartphones. Something understandable because, as the photographer, Chase Jarvis said, ” the best camera is the one you take with you .”

Best Camera Phones For Photography

So most of us take our pictures from our phone, but are we really getting the most out of it? Would you like to know why your mobile has so many cameras on the back and what are they for? It will be useful to discover it to find a smartphone with the best camera for you.

A Camera for Every Role

Today, manufacturers have strived to bring almost all the functions of a professional camera to the devices. However, a professional camera can change lenses depending on the situation to achieve the best result.

In the case of the mobile, for size reasons, the main camera only has a fixed distance and a single viewing angle. So to get the smartphone with the best camera, manufacturers have launched to incorporate more and more additional sensors, with various functions, to allow you to simulate a system of interchangeable lenses, and achieve greater versatility when taking pictures. The most common – and essential – are the following:

1. Telephoto

While a phone can crop the image and enlarge it digitally, this usually results in a loss of quality. But thanks to the telephoto lenses that are beginning to be incorporated thanks to advanced lens systems similar to a periscope, it is being possible to offer optical zoom of up to 10x in the phones of the highest ranges. Combining it with software magnification (hybrid zoom), spectacular results of up to 100x are being achieved, although at these levels the loss of resolution is more apparent.

So if we want to take a photo and we can’t get that close (either for safety or because we want to go unnoticed) it will be a key feature to find the perfect framing.

2. Macro lens

You can interpret it as the opposite camera to the telephoto lens, since it allows you to take sharp photographs at extremely short distances, achieving very expressive results. In this way, you can capture details that with the main camera would be impossible, since it loses focus at short distances. Thus, you will be able to capture the details and textures of very tiny things, such as the petal of a small flower.

So if you have the soul of a scientist, this sensor is the one that will allow you to examine and discover the details of elements that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

3. Wide Angle

It is one of the best mobile cameras thanks to its wider angle of view than that of the main camera. This allows you to capture more of the landscape without having to zoom out or change your perspective.

Best Camera Phones

If you are on a paradisiacal beach and you want to capture the whole environment, then this sensor is the one that will help you immortalize the moment and all the dreamy context that accompanies it.

4. Depth

In many cases, smartphones include an additional camera that allows you to measure the depth at which different objects are in the scene. This is achieved by being able to control by software the level of focus of the object and the background, obtaining professionally made portraits, difficult to achieve otherwise with the size of smartphone lenses. In some cases, manufacturers use the information from the rest of the cameras in the terminal to avoid having to add this fourth lens.

When looking for a camera, not only the megapixels matter

The reality is that megapixels mainly indicate how much you can magnify an image without it being distorted. So do not look only at the MP, rather you will find the mobile with the best camera if you look at these characteristics:


In some situations, you won’t be able to get close enough to your target and will have to use Zoom. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that the Zoom of the camera is sufficient. Now, for this, you must consider the capacity of Optical Zoom and Digital Zoom.

The first case is the least common in mobile phones (but something by default in traditional photography). They always indicate your ability to zoom in as 2x, 3x or more, which tells us how far we can focus.

Variety of Lenses

Purchasing a phone with many cameras allows you more flexibility when taking pictures. So if you want to take close-up photos to capture small details, or a portrait mode photograph or images at great distances, be sure to look for a mobile that has the right lenses to achieve it … How else would you get the best photos to upload to your networks?

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