Update AirTag Software Version

How to Check & Update AirTag Software Version

The AirTags are also updated. Although they do not have an operating system as powerful as iOS, we do not need it either, they do have their own firmware that Apple can update wirelessly. Apple may make small changes to how this tiny device works to improve its performance, even if you don’t expect big news.

Update AirTag Software Version

From time to time, Apple releases a firmware update for AirTags, and the method it has devised for updating them is similar to that used for AirPods. Apple doesn’t want you to do anything special to update the AirTags, so they have come up with a simple update system.

How to check the firmware version of AirTags

The first thing we should do is check which version of the firmware our AirTag has. It is more than likely that it has already updated itself, you must follow these steps:

  • Open the Search app on your iPhone.
  • In the bottom bar, tap on Objects.
  • Select the AirTag.
  • Tap on the battery icon.
  • You will see the serial number and firmware version that AirTag has.

The original firmware version with which the AirTags hit the market was 1.0.225. The latest update is 1.0.276, a version released on June 3, 2021, that includes an important novelty: an AirTag without its owner will begin to sound when between 8 hours and 24 hours have passed before it was from 24 hours.

How to update AirTags

The AirTag update process is quite unknown, in the Search app we do not have an option to press to update the AirTag firmware as happens on the iPhone or Apple Watch. In other words, we cannot manually initiate a firmware update for an AirTag.


However, there is something you can do to try to force this update, as long as you have made sure that it is not already installed:

  • Put the AirTag and the iPhone in the same room, close to each other.
  • Open the Find app on the iPhone and check the firmware.
  • Wait if you don’t have the latest version.
  • The Search app does not need to be all open.
  • At some point, the AirTag will update.

This is the only way to update the airbags, it is the same process as with the AirPods. Nobody has found a trick to update the AirTags in a faster and easier way, we can only wait for the iPhone to update only the firmware of the airbags.

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